This ain’t your mom’s dance party (but your mamaw might like it!)

Hey ladies, Chance and Shayne here-

 Trying to get you move that thing of yours onto the dance floor. What’s it gonna take, sweet nothings? box of wine? whatev’s, we will make all your dance dreams come true.

Tired of waiting in line outside the 40 watt with kids that you could’ve concieved?Only to realize, you had way more fun back in the day with your BFF’s gettting ready for a night on the town. FEAR NOT! We can all relive those glory days ( minus the crabby hipsters and the greasy divorcees trying to get you to “back that thing up”) So keep it tuned here and we’ll let you know when this shit goes down.

!jazz hands!

Shayne and Chance

email us if you like what we’re layin down, we will continue to update and fancify this blog.


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