Innaugural DDPP (GA primary)


here is the dare I say amazing playlist. I’ll let you know how it went. Chance and I bought matching wrist and headbands, old skool Wilson’s ya’ll.

  • Making Time                      CREATION
  • Eye of the Tiger                  SURVIVOR
  • Superfly                             CURTIS MAYFIELD
  • Sweet Soul Music               ARTHUR CONLEY
  • Lip GLoss                           LIL’ MAMA
  • Standing in the Way of Control   THEGOSSIP
  • Shake it to the Ground      RYE RYE
  • Show Me What You Got     JAY-Z
  • Land of 1000 Dances      WILSON PICKETT
  • It Takes Two                  ROB BASS AND DJ EZ ROCK
  • P.Y.T                              MICHAEL JACKSON
  • Low                               FLO-RIDA
  • Beware of the Boys        PUNJABI MC
  • 99 Luftballons              NENA
  • Start Me Up                   ROLLING STONES
  • Rapper’s Delight          SUGAR HILL GANG
  • Move Your Feet           JUNIOR SENIOR
  • Without Me                  EMINEM
  • Shimmy Shimmy YA    ODB
  • Rock Your Body          JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
  • Come Around            M.I.A
  • U.N.I.T.Y.                  QUEEN LATIFAH
  • Word Up                    CAMEO


!jazz hands!

Shayne (and Chance)


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